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Alliance Transport Company

Integrity. Principle. Promise. Integral. Efficient. Delivered.

We specialize in the areas of logistics and administration of all your product transportation needs.

Handling all your courier needs from the GTA to your desired destination safely!

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Efficient and Reliable Logistics Is Our Mission

At Alliance Transport Company in the Greater Toronto Area, we strive to provide quality services that are second to none. We specialize in the following areas:

  • Logistics
    • Courier (Local and Distance)
    • Canada-Wide Transport (Long Distance)
    • Dispatch Services
  • Administration
  • Documentation (Records of Clientele, Receipts, E-Receipts, Waybills)

These distinctive components allow us to run our business effectively, promptly, and efficiently. We intend to be kept above the rest! Contact us today and let’s discuss what you need.

At Alliance Transport Company, we know that in order to establish and gain world-class clients…you need to build and establish world-class services. That is what we strive to have and be by broadening our client base by being the following:


  • Efficient
  • Customizable
  • Courier and/or Trucking
  • Delivery
  • Responsiveness
  • Exponential
  • Documentation
  • Administrative

Customizable services where its a guarantee the client is always right when they choose us!  To show you we that we value the services we provide our clients, White Glove service is available at all times - not only worn because of COVID.


  • Cost Effective
  • Competitive
  • Affordable
  • Calculated Rates
  • Differentiated
  • Volume Discount
  • Negotiation
  • Contractual

Affordable pricing at customized rates where we acknowledge our clients pockets, and help where they can budget and fit what they want to have delivered from point A to point B.

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Core Values 

- Integrity, Principle, Promise, Integral, Efficient, Delivered -


Honesty, Transparency and Accountability 

- these are the words we live by here at Alliance, and that is never going to change!


 Certain guidelines that are being followed with the utmost respect. 


To service is our promise!


The Client, The Service, and Our Company is all we need.


To be efficient is to always be on top of our game!  


Our clients are treated with White Glove service - from Point A to Point B.


Just like the CN Tower, we want to be the pillar of our city when it comes to providing the best transportation services in the country. We would like to catapult our services not only locally but also elsewhere in order to act as more than your normal local courier.

We strive to reach a plateau to reach higher heights and distances so that we provide logistics services to our clients via air, sea, and train! And we won’t stop here. Through future expansions, we will have a fleet of trucks to serve international clients.