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Alliance Transport Company

Our Story

We cater to the logistics needs of our clients in the Greater Toronto Area.

Handling all your courier needs from the GTA, to your desired destination safely!

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How Alliance Transport Company Started

Catering to the logistics needs of clients in the Greater Toronto Area, A.T.C. has a vision where it implements its service through the care catered to whom are wanting there needs looked after the right way.  Natalya Bailey is the founder, CEO, and Operations Manager. She has education and experience in this industry and tends to the company the same way she looks after her clients and customers - with attention.  Through customized servicing provided, and being attentive to your needs - clients and customers become family.


Natalya Bailey, Founder

With the Supply Chain Management and Logistics title, it propelled and sparked the idea of starting her own logistics company. It was an idea that needed a boost and was thought of the year before, but never a thought to exist until now.

She is looking forward to her company to be among the best in providing service locally, long distance, and internationally. The company is cost efficient, effective, and transparent. "We care about our community and the environment as much as we do about our clients."

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