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Alliance Transport Company

Your Reliable Logistics Partner

From mails and parcels to packages and more, we will transport it all!

Handling all your courier needs from the GTA, to your desired destination safely!

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Alliance Transport Company in the Greater Toronto Area will transport it all! You can count on us not only in logistics, but also in the administration of required documents.

We handle clientele records, receipts, waybills, and more. Whether you are an individual, a small business owner restauranteur or a corporate business, we can help you.

White Glove Service

Alliance Transport Company believes that to handle your packages with care is to provide the best of service with luxury.  

Handling all your courier needs from Scarborough, to your desired                                                          destination safely! 

White Glove Service is offered, not only because of COVID-19...but                             because your packages, need to be handled with care!

Call us, and the guarantee is to take your packages with

 the utmost care and treat them as luxury!

Alliance Transport Company 

Providing customized services to your every courier need!